Saturday, April 12, 2008

wonderful weather

Our weather is so nice. Today we hit 77 and by Wednesday it will be up to 88. Since it was so nice we had a nice BBQ with Kim and Steve and they loved it. I also introduced Kim to Tia Pan Trading. I was impressed neither one of us bought anything. The boys went to the river and Chandler has a bad sunburn now. Kim liked the downstairs. I am still waiting on Chris to put pictures. Well better run. We are going out for frozen yogurt.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Family Room is finally done

I have been such a procrastinator when it has come to finishing the downstairs. What got me in the mood to finally do it was Chris telling me that he was going to finish it on Saturday if I didn't. Needless to say I got my butt in gear and finished it yesterday. I have to say I am very pleased. When I get done putting pictures up on the walls I will take pictures and post them. I don't know how to put pictures on this thing so I will have to leave it in the hands of my hubby.

The kids are all finally well. I am so burned out on illness. When kids are sick it sure puts dampers in your plans to do other things.

Chris has been really busy with work. I hardly see him during the week. I look forward to the weekends.

Sloane (Sloane had to show me how she could type her name and how she has learned finger placement).

We are looking forward to having Kim and Steve here for a little bit this weekend and next. We always love it when company comes to visit.

I have been fighting insomnia lately and sleeping pills do not help. Lately I have been getting up at 3:30am and start cleaning house or other little tasks. From 5-6:30 am I go to the gym come home and shower and then gets kids ready for school and out the door. I try not to take a nap during the day. But when 10pm comes I am dead tired but as soon as I lay down I am wide awake until 11 or so and then I fall asleep again until about 3 or 4 am. Now that Holden pretty much sleeps during the night I have to deal with this now. Any suggestions?

Tevin is doing really well with his guitar lessons. He is embarrassed to play infront of people. He tells me when he gets better he will.

Harrisons birthday is coming up and I can't believe he is going to be 12. ALL he wants for his birthday is a laptop and a base guitar. He doesn't give us much options.

Chandler is doing really well. He has been enjoying hanging out with his friends lately. Every night he likes to go out and play night games and he is so proud to announce that he has now shaved for the first time. He wouldn't let me take pictures. Oh well.

Sloane is pretty much perfect. We don't ever have any problems with her. I wonder if that means she is going to be a very hard teenager. She loves school. She doesn't want summer to come. Unlike her mother who is ready to relax.

OH now for our Holden. He is our demon seed. He is into everything and is very mischievious.
He loves to throw things off our balcony. He actually threw a statue that meant a lot to me off it and broke it into a million pieces. But then there are those moments when he hugs us and tells us he loves me so I guess that makes up for all the bad things and stress he brings to our lives.

Well I better go and watch the cubs with Chris. Hopefully when get pictures on sometime this weekend since Chris will have time. Love to all