Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holden's Birthday

Waiting patiently to open his gifts.

Daddy and Ella watching him and helping him.

The tools Holden has been asking for. He waited 5 months to get these and he hasn't put them down since he got them.

He loves Buzz Lightyear. His brothers got him these wings but he was a little disappointed when he couldn't actually fly.

Blowing out his candles. Holden was pretty grumpy all day except for the 2 hours that we celebrated his birthday. When he woke up that morning I sang happy birthday to him and when I was done he said he wanted to be alone. Typical Holden. I am happy we have him even knowing he is a handful. He keeps us running and laughing. He is a blessing to us all. Happy 4Th Birthday Holden.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sloane's Baptism December 5, 2009

The night before Sloane was baptized we took her to Seagull Book to pick out her scriptures.

Here she is looking at all the different ones. But we should have not taken her cause she had a hard time deciding. She went in thinking she wanted blue.

Trying to decide between the Green or Blue scriptures. She decided on Green cause she wanted gold trim. Well I went to the front counter to pay for it and when I was done Chris came up with the blue ones and said she has changed her mind. Then we had to do a return and ring up the blue one. The lady then took it to the back and got her name put on them.

You can't see her name cause of the flash. But she had Sloane Kristelle Gibson put on them. She is very excited to start using them.

Baptism Day!! Here she is getting ready to head to the church with Daddy. My niece Justine was here and french braided her hair for me. Thank you Justine.

Daddy and his princess in front of the font before we had to go into the chapel to start. She is very excited and NERVOUS, she would not stop biting her nails.

Mommy, Daddy and Sloane. We are very proud of her.

After she was baptized I took a picture of her in her white dress. This is the same white dress she wore when she was sealed to us almost 4 years ago. Wearing that dress made the day even more special.

Afterwards we went to our church building and had a potato bar. Here are some of the teenagers. Trey is on the right. I am so happy he was able to make the trip, but he was very worn out and needed rest.

Sloane and some of her younger cousins. I took pictures of everyone that attended but it would have taken too long to post all the pictures. But we had about 50 or more family members that attended her baptism. And some of our friends from the ward. Thanks again for all who came.

These are the wonderful Priesthood holders that stood in the circle that confirmed Sloane.
Uncles Dan, Steve, Cousin Trey, Daddy, Uncles Karl, Dustin and Allen.
Here is our family. I think the picture turned out pretty good except for Holden.... I do have to say when Sloane came up out of the water Holden said "OOhh Cool Do it again" we all busted up laughing.