Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holden's Shaving Cream

Holden came to me and said he had a surprise for me in my room. This is what my surprise was.

Thankfully shaving cream isn't a hard mess to clean up.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holden and his bath

Well Chris walked in from being at a stake meeting and heard Holden down the hall. He turned to see he was in the bath and started laughing. I was in the chair and I turned to him and asked "Do I even want to know?" his reply was "Probably Not." This is what we saw. Well he looks innocent but those of you who know him knows he is not, definitely not.

Enjoying his toys and left over movie popcorn from the night before. You can imagine how soggy it is now.
Poor Woody needs to be attached back to his body and all I can think of is I get to be the lucky one to clean up after him.

Stay tuned for pictures that I took after walking into my room and finding a shaving cream mess all over my bathroom floor, mirror and counter. Oh I will make it through this child.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise

Well today my grandma called me and asked me if I would go on a drive with her out to Ivins to my step-sisters home cause she has to pick up somethings there and wasn't sure if she could remember exactly how to get there. When we pulled up I noticed they had company. I looked at the car and noticed it had California plates and I said oh that looks like Alison's car (my sister) and I just ignored it. Then I saw my brother in law jimmy. I looked at my grandma and she smiled. I asked if Alison was here and she said yes. I ran in the house to hug her and asked what she was doing here. Well she then said I have a surprise for you and we go for a walk. We stop at a house right next door and she asked me what I thought of the house. I said it was cute a little small but nice. She then smiled and said it was her house and she will be moving here in 3 weeks. I screamed and jumped up and down and gave her a huge hug. I then turned and pointed to the trailer that I saw and she said they were here to move some stuff into the house and to sign the papers.

I called my boys who are with their dad and told them and they can't wait to hang out with their cousin Chance more. I then called Chris who was at home with the other kids and told him and he was surprised too. Sloane is thrilled to have some girl cousins that live close to her now. My brother in law works for the movie industry and he will still be in California most of the time and will come home on the weekends. They have wanted to move out of California for sometime and now was the time.

This has just made my day. I keep on thinking of all the stuff we can do together now. I haven't lived near any of my siblings for 19 years. I am looking forward to having a sister close now.