Friday, October 31, 2008


Well Wednesday night was our ward Halloween party that I put on. I was counting on maybe 150 people to show up and it ended up being over 200. We had a chili dinner then a carnival for the kids. People seemed to be enjoying themselves. Sloane, Holden and I were all in our pirate costumes and got many compliments how cute we all looked. Can I tell you when these ward parties are done with I come home so tired and sore from standing, running around, putting up tables and chairs and then cleaning up. I love my calling and I am already planning Christmas. I had parents mad at me for not having a trunk or treat this year and I will have some mad at me at our Christmas party because I will not have a Santa. I am glad the bishop supports me on these. I think if you want to see Santa go to the mall. In a church building it should be focused around Christ. I am going to do a Bethlehem theme. So hopefully it will all come together.

Anyway, kids are all in their costumes and ready to trick or treat, but they still have 3 hours to wait. I wish Holden knew how to tell time. He keeps on asking to go treat. Too cute. This will be the twins last year to trick or treat. Actually Tevin doesn't want to go but Chandler is and then they are done. Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween.

Oh by the way some of you are wondering about Holiday plans. We are staying her for Thanksgiving. I have family coming up. We will try to come to the Tanner Xmas party but not sure. We are still working out dates for Xmas with the boys. I have them Xmas day until new years (I think) but am not sure. I hope this helps

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hate Mondays

I use to never have a problem with Mondays. But now that our lives are so busy the weekend go by too fast and then boom back to the busy life. How do I get my life to slow down. Sometimes I feel like I am going to loose it. Life is rushing by and I am not getting the chance to enjoy it and before I know it all the kids are going to be gone. Am I always there for my kids. Do I notice problems that they might be having or am I too busy to see if I am needed. OK I will stop complaining. Just had to vent a second.

Sloane and I had a fun Saturday. I went to Super Saturday and made beaded jewelry and found a new hobby in that. Then I hurried home cause Chris bought Sloane and I tickets to High School Musical 3. I have to say I enjoyed this one the most. I can't believe how many young girls there were in the movie and I applaud the fathers that took their daughters. It was a nice time with Sloane. She even went out in line and got her own popcorn cause I had Holden asleep on me. I was very proud of her.

I always enjoy Sundays because I sleep in until 10am which is very much needed. Church was very spiritual. Talks and lessons were all about Prayer and it was nice to hear peoples experiences with Prayer and how in 3 Nephi Chapter 17 or 18 can't remember exactly how Christ went often to talk to his father in heaven through prayer and how he prayed for the Nephites. I really enjoyed Sunday school.

Anyway, time to make dinner. TA TA for now.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Missing Hubby

I don't know what the deal is today, but Chris left this morning to go to Vegas and will be back tomorrow night. I always miss him, but for some reason I am missing him more this time. If I could of I would of went down with him. He looked so tired when he left today. I guess I am a little concerned. You would think I love the man or I can't believe that next month we are going to be married 8 years. They have gone by very quickly.

Tonight I am going to go and scrapbook with a couple of friends. I finally figured out how to upload my pictures to and will pick them up here in a bit. I had fun cropping and picking what sizes I wanted on each photo. It will also be nice to have a break from the kids for a bit. Tevin is grounded so he is my babysitter tonight. I don't know what Tevin is thinking of sometimes, but this morning Chandler was in the bathroom with the shower running and was getting ready to undress and get in. Well Tevin rushed into the bathroom and climbed into the shower before Chandler could get in. Chandler came upstairs all mad. I told him he should of hit him. I wouldn't of cared. At least not this time. When I took them to school, I told Tevin, Chandler get the shower from 7 to 7:15 and then he gets it at 7:15-7:30. If you wake up late then your out of luck. Hopefully this works. Tevin is mad he wont be going to night games tonight with friends, but sooner or later he is going to learn.

Well gotta run. Holden just dumped out a whole bag of oreos on the floor.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

with it finally

Well after not knowing how to do much on the blog a friend of mine helped me change my template so it was cute like everyone else's and she also showed me how to put music on our blog. To the older generations that read our blog sorry for so much rock n roll. So enjoy the new things I can do.

Mom Gibson we got the package today and Chandler loves his costume and the beard for Harrison looks great. I hid the stuff for Sloane for her birthday and I will wrap it for ya.

I thought the twins were done with football, but the varsity coach told them to turn in their freshmen uniforms and get the varsity ones. They are the future players for Pineview and he wants them to be ready for championships so they go practice with the big boys and are there on their games dressed out and ready to play if needed. Tell ya the truth if Chandler had to go out there against varsity players I don't think I could watch. But they are having fun and think it is all cool.

Holden had fun today dumping out 600 Dixie cups all over the floor and building towers. I had fun cleaning them all up. This morning Tevin said hi to Holden and Holden's response was "leave me alone tevin I am eating" I thought it was so funny. Holden also always hears Chris and I complain about Headaches and the other day he came up to me with his hand on his head and told me he had a headache. Needless to say I didn't tell him that he was my headache.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nothing Much

Well it has been a few days since I last blogged. Nothing much has been going on. I have been in the spring cleaning mood and I have been at DI daily dropping off huge trash bags full of things. I have also been working on our backyard. I will love next spring when we have a fun backyard to play in.

I am also pouting that I have to wear my glasses every minute. I am so blind now. I have noticed things getting pretty blurry. Chris laughs when I don't have them on cause I squint to watch TV. Signs of old age I guess. My sister was 36 too when her eyes started going bad. So get use to the new 4 eyes I have.

Kids are doing well. Holden is actually behaving these days. The twins have their last football game tomorrow. I will be glad when this is over. Takes too much of our time even knowing I love going to the games. Harrison is funny as usual. His new crisis is that he thinks he is getting fat. Yes he has gotten chunky but I keep telling him he is going to grow here pretty soon so be patient.

Sloane got student of the month in her class. She is so excited. I can't remember if I mentioned this already or not. She is also addicted to watching "The Sound of Music" and "Annie". She loves the fact that I loved these movies as a kid. I bought her the soundtracks for her birthday which is approaching very quickly.

Since I have been cleaning out things I have noticed how much the kids have grown since last winter. Sloane especially. She has gotten pretty tall and we are going to have to buy a new wardrobe for winter along with pretty much all the kids.

Well all the kids are gone to school and Holden is at a play date so I am going to lay down for a bit. I am sick of sleepless nights I have been having. I also spent 4 hours on the computer doing tax stuff last night and I don't think I can handle being on the computer anymore today. Have a great day.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

One ugly haircut on one cute kid

Come on, be honest, have you ever seen a worse haircut? As some of you are probably aware, it was necessary for Krissy to buzz Holden's hair due to some cradle cap that has never cleared up. Unfortunately, Holden wouldn't sit still so we'll probably need to get him into Fantastic Sam's sometime this week (they'll need to live up to their name to fix this mess). By the way, Krissy isn't about to strangle Holden even though it may look like it!
Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed conference this weekend. As usual it was inspired counsel specifically regarding the economic and other societal challenges facing the U.S.
By the way, you'll notice what I DIDN'T mention. Good thing I'm able to compartmentalize and focus on other things, otherwise I'd be in trouble!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well after 5 hair washes on Holden i finally buzzed his hair. It was so bad that the clippers wouldn't go all the way through his hair. He looks a lot older. Chris wasn't too thrilled, but at least we know it grows back.

The boys went up north with their dad and went to the morning session of conference. Tevin was texting me telling me that they were in the 16Th row from the front and that he sees a lot of people he recognizes. He loved the feeling he felt when the prophet came into the room. He sat by a family from England who came to the states just to go to conference. He said he never paid such close attention to conference before like he did today. Chandler and Harrison said how totally cool everything was. And they loved listening to the Tabernacle choir. This will be an experience the boys will never forget. I still remember when I went and I was 12 years old.

I couldn't believe that there is going to be a temple in Rome Italy. I loved hearing the congregation all whispering and how President Monson paused and smiled. That is so major since it there are mostly Catholics there.

Chris said if the cubs loose tonight that he was going to stop being a fan.... I wont hold my breath. He also said that we will not be going to Arizona in March either. He is so upset with the cubs. I feel so bad for him.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time Flies

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post. A lot has happened during this time. On Thursday of last week at the boys football game, Tevin made a touch down. He jumped into the air and caught the ball between his legs and couldn't believe he caught it for one thing and then he started running as hard as he could and he could see the other team coming at him and he was yelling cause he didn't want to get tackled by them. Well he made the touchdown and then got tackled by his own team mates. This was a 60 yard touchdown and he was so excited and talked about it all night. He tells the story so much better and it makes you laugh. Well I missed the entire thing cause I was stuck in traffic on the freeway. I missed it by 2 minutes. I couldn't believe it. Chandler was the one that told me and he ended up finally playing the entire last quarter.

We then had my sister Heidi and her husband Allen and 3 of their kids come up for a quick weekend. Allen was called to be High Priest Group leader in his ward and wanted my grandfather to set him a part as a high priest. It was so neat to see my grandpa in a suit again. I can't remember when the last time was. It was a spiritual experience. My grandpa also announced that he would give patriarchal blessings again just to family members. I hope when the boys are ready he will still be around to do them. Allen ended up fixing our flood problem in our backyard. Now we can finally get all the weeds out of there and NO MORE FROGS!!! Thanks Allen. It was a fun visit.

I have been busy planning the ward Halloween party and doing science projects for kids and running here for this and here for that. Tevin just announced all his pants are too short and now we need to buy more. I think he is now 6'3 who knows. He wont sit still long enough for me to measure him. Well tonight is another football game and look forward to watching it. I think next week is their last game.

Kids have also made their Christmas lists and Tevin is so unrealistic. Everything on his list cost over three hundred dollars each except for the Electric Guitar he wants. I told him I was going to throw that list away and to try again. Chandler wants Chicago Bears stuff and an Iguana. Harrison a bass guitar and 2 cans of whip cream....gotta love it. Sloane's list consists of birthday and Xmas. She told me what I don't get her for her birthday to give the rest of her list to Santa...too cute.

My dad had fun calling me the other night to tell me the Dodgers are coming after my cubs. I said bring it on. yesterday we kept calling back and forth rubbing it into each other when our teams did well. Needless to say the Dodgers WON!! UGGG..My dad reminded me I was first a Dodgers fan. That is when I started to love baseball. I guess I kinda am rooting for both teams to do well. Hopefully the cubs will WIN tonight.

Today Holden and Landon(boy I babysit) decided to put Vics vapor rub in their hair. I have washed their hair 3 times and I still can't get it out. I am sure Holden was the instigator. I don't know how they found the jar. I thought I had it up high in the medicine cabinet. Anyway, my house smells like vics and it is making me sick.