Monday, March 31, 2008

Sloane is really sick

I just wanted to let everyone know that Sloane is very sick. She missed Thursday and Friday of last week at school and will miss today and tomorrow. She has been running a fever, throwing up, dizziness, chills, runny nose that has made her nose and lips really chapped, infection in her eyes, ear infections and strep throat. I finally took her to the doctor on Sunday and found out all that she has had and then some. She looks horrible. My dad came up this weekend and brought me an old fashion sewing machine that was made in 1912 that was my great aunts. I love it. Sloane just would lay on my dads lap since she didn't have energy to do anything. I hope now that is she is on antibiotics that she will start getting better. I am a little under the weather today so I am hoping I am not catching anything she has.

Well the 1st game of baseball season for the cubs has just started so I am going to go enjoy that. Hope everyone has a good day. Love ya tons

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Training 2008

Can you believe it's taken us this long to post our spring training trip?

I hate to use the excuse that we've been busy, because we all are but it seems like both Krissy and I are over-extended right now.

Anyway, as you can see, we had a great trip. Mark mentioned the location of the hotel wasn't ideal but at least the boys didn't ask any questions!

The trip down to Phoenix seems to get easier and easier each year. I have a hunch this corresponds directly to the kids getting older. In one sense it makes me long for the days when I'd pull the van over so Krissy could drag the boys out for spankings.

It was fun to meet up with Mark and see his reaction to his first (of many) spring trainings. The kids came to know and love uncle Mark. Chandler and Sloanie in particular had fun riding in his rental car. I just hope Chandler didn't cause any permanent damage to the car speakers.

The weather was perfect and if you can believe it, the Cubs won both games. This fact alone is reason enough for Mark to make this an annual trip. Apparently Mark will need to take Kellie on a cruise each year for this to become a reality.

We had a blast at Amazing Jakes where the kids were able to go on any of the rides as many times as they wanted while all of us enjoyed the all you can eat buffet.

The trip is always a bit expensive so we did our best to make sure Mark enjoyed himself. If anyone else would like to join us next year, you're more than welcome.

Well, hopefully we'll be posting our Easter pics by the time we have our reunion at the cabin. Hope all is well.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well, I guess I have a moment to update on the Gibsons down south. The end of February I had a sisters weekend with Heidi and Alison. We stayed at the Ramada and were addicted to Watching lifetime movie network when we were not out shopping, eating or pampering ourselves. We each had an hour long massage done and if you have never got one, I highly recommend it. Then we had facials done and addicted to that too. I can see myself easily becoming high maintance. We ate and ate and ate. Shopped until we couldn't anymore. Needless to say Alison spent the most money in the shopping department. We stayed up late laughing, playing games, teasing our mom etc. We are going to do this once a year and next year it is Alisons turn to plan what to do. But it was a wonderful weekend and it prepared me for the next few days of seeing the cubs. I have a meeting to go to, but I will talk about our weekend with the cubs and pictures when I get back.