Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well it was officially the first week of school for the boys. They all are attending new schools this year. The twins are now at Pineview High School and loving it. Chandler went to their first football game with some friends. Pineview won 39 to 6. They were playing a team from Alaska. I went to back to school night with Chandler and loved meeting all of his teachers and what his routine is. I was able to see Tevin for a minute that night. Gave him a hug and told him I loved him. He looked like he wasn't feeling well.

Harrison is now at Pineview Middle and enjoying being with some of the older kids. He loves hanging out with his friends and walking home from school. He has good teachers too. All 3 of the boys are taking a foreign language class and all 3 hate it so far. Chandler has french and I would have loved his teacher when I took french. Tevin and Harrison are both taking Spanish and have the same teacher. This teacher jumps from the two schools. I just laugh and say sorry you need to stick with it. A foreign language is required in order to graduate.

Sloane LOVES school. Her teacher is Mrs Guy. She is already a big helper in the class. Unfortunately she has already missed a day of school. She is coming down with a cold. I was hoping to get further into the school year before this happened. She hated to miss but I told her the schools have said if your child is sick just a little bit to keep them home.

Holden, our dear Holden. He can't wait to start preschool after labor day. He already has his backpack and asks everyday if he can go. Next week we have a back to school night for him and that will make him even more excited.

Chris and I are busy as usual. I now have 6 kids I babysit. Two 2 month old, a 9 month old starting in a couple weeks, 18 month old, 2 year old, a 4 year old and a 5 year old. Thank goodness they are never here all at the same time. There is only really one of the babies I have all day 4 days a week. The others are part-time. I think once a week I might have them all at the same time for maybe a period of an hour or two. But I am enjoying them. I have them call me aunt Krissy cause babysitter or Mrs Gibson etc is too formal.

Last night Chris and I got the opportunity to clean the temple from 10 to midnight. We both were exhausted but still went. I had a great time doing it. I got to clean the brides rooms and the women's locker room. My back is killing me today after all the vacuuming and bending down I had to do, but I would go back and help again in a heart beat. I thought it was funny that Chris got the job of cleaning the men's locker room.

Chris is busy with work as usual. He goes out of town a lot but always come home by 7 or 8 instead of staying the night unless it is more then 3 hours drive then he will probably stay the night. I admire how hard he works not only in his work but also with his calling. He is a great high councilman. I think he goes far and beyond what he should, but I am proud of him.

Just to give you a heads up Sloane will be getting baptised December 5Th which is the first Saturday of December. Hope you all can make it. I am not sure how much of my family will be there cause the week before is thanksgiving and we are having a big reunion at the church that weekend. I am bummed my mom and step dad wont be able to be there for the baptism cause they have to get back to Wisconsin after the holiday and start moving to Arizona. Which I am extremely excited about to have them so much closer.

Anyway, I am done rambling. I hope everyone has a great day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Holden

Story 1- Holden was wearing his superman cape that Gma Gibson had made him running around the house thinking he was all that and then some. He started getting to loud and Chris told him to settle down. He then put his hands on his hips and said " you want a piece of me"

Story 2- Holden thinks he can only love one person which is mommy. Well Harrison and Holden share a room together now and have gotten really buddy buddy. Well last night Harrison tells Holden that he loves him. Instead of Holden saying I love you too he responds by saying "thanks" and walks off.

Story 3- Last night I was doing dishes and Holden came into the kitchen naked cause he just got out of the bath. I look down and he was pulling on his boy part and I asked him what he was doing? He said " I want to take my potty off" I replied by saying you can't do that buddy, then he said " I can use scissors to get it off" I laughed so hard and needless to say all the scissors are now put up very high.

He makes us laugh non stop. I hope all of you got a chuckle too.