Sunday, October 3, 2010

100 pushups???

A new blog from the Gibson's, can you believe it!? Don't hold your breath though, we're not as talented or devoted as many of you in keeping our blog updated.

Some of you may remember me having a goal of doing 100 pushups on my 40th birthday a few years ago. I was able to do so but just barely, unfortunately we didn't think about getting it on video. Well, for the last few years, I haven't been able to hit 100 pushups on my birthday because of a combination of shoulder pain and general laziness. As a result, I was even more determined to make it to 100 on my 44th birthday a week and a half ago. I started training for this back in March because believe it or not, you don't get stronger as you get older and challenges like this become increasingly more difficult.

Anyway, Krissy encouraged me to post this video so feel free to watch if I haven't bored you to tears already. Incidentally, I'm not able to touch my chest to the floor, nor am I able to extend my arms all the way up because of my bad elbow. I haven't decided if that makes a pushup easier or more difficult.

We hope everyone had a wonderful conference weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed all sessions and I was able to take my nephew Chance to the Priesthood session last night. Krissy claims she will write an extended blog soon (anyone want to place a bet on that? :)) so I'll keep me comments short. We look forward to seeing many of you in Utah County for Thanksgiving.