Sunday, November 23, 2008

President Orr

This actually happened last week but I wanted to report that Chandler was set apart as the President of the teachers quorum in our ward. Tevin is his 2nd counselor and surprisingly seems to be OK with what could have been perceived as a slight. I think both boys understand that the call comes from the Lord.

Chandler seemed surprised when I explained to him that only 4 people in a ward hold priesthood keys and right now, he's one of them. He's taking the calling very seriously and did a great job of standing in front of all the brethren during priesthood opening exercises this afternoon and announcing what the teachers quorum would be doing on Tuesday.

We're proud of our Chanman!

Friday, November 21, 2008


We left at 6am on Tuesday morning and arrived in California around 11 am. We relaxed for a couple hours and then received a phone call from my dad that it was OK to come and see my grandma. When I first saw her I was shocked at how much she has changed in a couple of years. She looked so weak and small. I re introduced all the kids to her and she said each of their names and the kids leaned over so she could give them a kiss. Holden was the only one who wouldn't. He thought she was a ghost and would not go near her. I felt so bad. The day I got there was the last day that she would talk. I was rubbing her hands and that would make her fall asleep. My sister Alison was rubbing her feet and she would keep on telling us it tickled. We spent about an hour and a half with her then it was time to let her rest again.

The next day we let the kids hang out with cousins and just I went over for a bit to visit with my grandma again. I talked to her and told her of my favorite memories. When she woke up from sleeping for a minute I made the mistake of asking her if she was dreaming about grandpa who passed away a couple years sooner. She closed her mouth shut and started breathing very heavy. She was crying. I felt horrible. I called my dad over and he helped calm her down and he said she misses grandpa so much. I spent a lot of time with her and talking with my dad and lost track of time cause I was going to leave that night. But we ended up staying the night again and came home of Thursday. We got home around 3:30 yesterday.

Then I got a text message at 2:30 this morning that my grandma had just passed away. I laid in bed crying until I fell back to sleep. The funeral will be held on Tuesday. So we will be leaving Monday to go back down and coming back Wednesday so the boys can get back to their dads for the holiday weekend. I just have to say our little Sloane stayed with her great grandma for about 30 minutes rubbing her head and holding her hands. A couple of her girl cousins wouldn't touch her and Sloane said it was OK and showed them what to do and then they were not afraid to touch her. She even gave her a kiss goodbye. I cry just thinking about how tender hearted she is.

I am so glad I went down to say my goodbyes to her. I was unable to do it with my grandpa. It meant so much to me the last few moments I had to be with her. She was a great woman and great grandma and she will be missed deeply. She touched every ones lives that she came in contact with. And I am happy she is back with our heavenly father and with her wonderful husband. You will be missed.

OK I just realized that the day of her funeral is Chris' and my wedding anniversary. oh wow

Monday, November 17, 2008

Going out of town

I just wanted to let you know that the kids and I are headed to California. I got a call last night from my dad that my grandma isn't doing to well and the doctors only give her a couple days to live. I wasn't planning on going down but when all my siblings and my dad went to see her today she was talking and I got a text message from my older sister to get down there while she is still responsive. So as of right now I will be gone until Thursday. I want to thank all of you who have offered to help me with things so I could get out of town. It is great to have wonderful friends who can jump in whenever you need it. I hope I can return the kindness when you are in need. Thanks again.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Holden & Sponge Bob

We finally received our new camera as a replacement for the defective one we purchased online about a month ago. I'm just testing the video function.

What to do

OK, with the economic crisis going on Chris and I are trying to be careful due to you don't know where your future is going right now when it comes to your job. Well we had a family home evening on finances and to help the kids understand what is going on. So I told the kids to only put 3 things on their Xmas lists. Well all Tevin wants is an Electric Guitar package that is around 179 at Costco. Harrison wants a Bass Guitar package that is around 199. Chandler bless his heart only asked for some controllers for the PS2 that come to be around 100 for all of it. Then they all have shoes on their list. We are not sure what to do with the 2 boys that asked for the guitars. Any advice???

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sloane's Birthday

Yesterday was Sloanie's 7th birthday and as you see, she had a wonderful day and was obviously well compensated. Apologies for the fuzzy pics but we are still waiting for our camera to be repaired so in the meantime, I am using my cell phone.

Krissy asked me write a blog entry dedicated to our special little princess so please bear with me as I'll no doubt come across as very biased;

As our only girl, Sloanie has always been very special to Krissy and I. She's always been very well behaved (especially compared to her younger brother!) and is particularly mature for her age. Sloanie and I have always been very close but it seems as though our already strong bond continues to increase as she gets older. I try to find time for daddy/daughter opportunities as often as possible although I'm sure not as often as either of us would like. One of our favorite games is to come up with the most disgusting sandwich ever and believe me, we've come up with some doozies. Although on Sunday's we change the game slightly and talk about our favorite things about Jesus. I'm continually amazed and how spiritually insightful she is and how deeply she thinks about spiritual things even at a young age. Each night I give her a 'bus ride' to her bed where she and I kneel down and say a prayer together. Her prayers are so precious and spiritually mature for her age. She's had a great love for the Savior even before she could speak.

Sloane does very well in school, in fact she was the student of the month in October. What I find especially impressive however is her attention to detail and her love of homework (sounds just like me, right Mom & Dad?) She's actually sad when she finishes her homework and is downright upset if her teacher doesn't assign homework on a given day. Believe me, neither Krissy or I were like that and we have no idea where she acquired/inherited this strange behavior (Grandpa Gibson maybe?).

One attribute Sloanie did inherit from Krissy is her desire to be kind to everyone regardless of differences. She goes out of her way to befriend kids who are new, shy or different. I was NOT this way as a child (although I'd like to think I've made some progress as I've gotten older) so I'm very thankful Sloane takes after Krissy in this regard. A couple of nights ago Sloane and I had a good daddy/daughter talk and I told her how much I love her and how special she is to me. I told her for the very first time about a spiritual experience I had as a teenager. Of course I won't go into specifics but I knew from that time forward that my first child would be a girl. Sloanie got a bit teary when I told her about my experience and I think she knows her daddy loves her.

Obviously we love our little girl very much and are grateful for the privilege we have to be her parents.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Check out this Website my mother in law sent me this website. Nordstrom is changing the look of all their cosmetics and everything is on sale for a $1.00. I went and ordered some stuff that would of cost me close to a 100 dollars and got it for 15. This is no joke. I promise you. Show your hubbies, maybe they can get ya some stuff for Christmas. I gave Chris a list. But they would have to move quickly I think before it is all gone.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Pics

we currently do not have a digital camera. These picks were taken with Chris' cell phone. Holden is a little blurry. My friend has a good pic of him and when I get it I will post it. Holden loved trick or treating. He was kinda slow so we came back home and got the stroller. Then Chris took him back out. At first he didn't want to go but then learned what to do and loved it. Sloane hung out with her friend Brigitta(sp?) and came home at 8:30. We were pretty much kidless all night and then we let the boys have a couple friends stay the night. All in all it was a fun night and I was in bed by 9:30.

I told chandler he is in charge of carving the pumpkins every year since he is the only one that enjoys doing it

Sloane makes a pretty pirate. We were not going to do pumpkins this year but then I got puppy eyes from Sloane and Chandler and at 4pm yesterday I was able to find 2 pumpkins. Chris drew the faces, Sloane cleaned them out and Chandler carved out the faces. I didn't even have to do much.

Tevin wasn't going to dress up. He was just going to be a teenager. He then ended up being a ghost and went out with friends to a haunted house. Let me remind you tevin is terrified of haunted houses. To go to this corpse nightmare it cost 10 dollars. Tevin paid got to the front and then chickened out. He was mad at himself and so we let him go again. Paid another 10 dollars and finally did it. He was freaked out, but we are proud of him that he made it through. Next year we will have to try and get the other boys to do it.

Our civil war hero. He looked so good. He already has a school teacher who would love to have his costume when he is done with it cause she teaches 7th grade as well as the civil war and would love to display the costume when she teaches it.

This is Harrison's last year as santa. His pants are getting too tight and his arms are too long. But he sure has used this costume to its fullest. 3 years in a row he was been santa

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Protective Son

Chris and I were in the office talking and then we started making out...yes even after 8 years of marriage we still enjoy Anyways, Holden comes walking in and says "What you doing my momma?" Chris and I started busting up laughing. He then said "That's my momma."