Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chandler the Mechanic

In what may be the understatement of the year; I was NOT blessed with ANY mechanical ability whatsoever (by the way, this is Chris, NOT Krissy, as if you couldn't tell by my opening sentence). So, when I discovered I needed to have my front brakes replaced, naturally I planned on taking my car into Tunex (a friend of ours owns the one in Washington) to have the work done. I casually mentioned this to Chandler who responded by saying he had replaced brake pads before and he thought he could save me some money by helping me replace mine.

Now, you need to understand that even though it's typical for me to learn things the hard way, I HAVE learned not to try things like this myself. I'm not the type of guy who knows just enough about cars to be dangerous, I fully recognize and have resigned myself to the fact that I don't know more than just the very basics about cars. As such, it's never bothered me very much to take my car to a mechanic because I learned long ago that I don't have an option.

However, Chandler seemed sincere and knowledgeable when he explained the process to me; so wanting to help him gain some experience (and save some money) we made plans to replace the pads on Saturday. The pads, and a few tools I needed ending up costing less than $50, far less than the $119 it would have cost at Tunex.

Anyway, the first side was a challenge until Chandler was able to figure out how to press the piston back in place by using a piece of wood and a C-clamp which enabled us to slip the pads back onto the disk.

The other side was a breeze comparatively and the entire process took only a couple of hours or so. It was amazing to see Chandler in action, he truly is a natural when it comes to cars, or anything mechanical for that matter. I definitely couldn't have done it without him (although he probably could have done it without me). He has a very intuitive feel for cars which I can relate to on many levels but certainly NOT with cars.

Anyway, he feels he's found his call in life and looks forward to getting better and better. Hope all is well with everyone.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Long Time

Ok I am really sorry for not posting sooner. I got a little burned out on the whole blog thing. Our lives are pretty much the same. My sister Alison has moved here and we are having a blast together. I love the fact that she does nails and I get mine done for free now. WOOHOO Saturday we are going to see the movie "The Lovely Bones" we both read the book and now are excited to see the movie. I watch a total of 5 kids now but Zaycia is still my only one that is 5 days a week. The others are part-time. Next weekend I am looking forward to going to a hotel here in town and scapbooking for 3 days straight. Chris is in charge. I will only come home to sleep and shower. I didn't want to pay the extra to stay in a hotel room. I am hoping I will get caught up.

Chris is still busy as ever and never slows down. Going out of town is still a weekly thing. I think the only time he doesn't have an electronic device infront of him is when he is driving, sleeping or eating. The rest of the time his fingers are working away. He is still enjoying his calling as a High Councilman.. Thursday nights he goes to a marriage and family class. I feel bad that I don't go with him but that is the only night of the week I get to see Tevin. At least I have friends in the class that will tell me if he makes a comment about Chris still works out a lot and he is still able to find the time to play racquetball. He has a lot of men who want to play him. But his darn elbow wont keep up so he has to limit himself to 2-3 times a week.

Our kids are such cutiebatooties!!! The older boys will kill me if I said that in public infront of them. Chandler is having so much fun in his automotive class. I think he has found his calling in life and that is to be a mechanic. He has a car that his dad gave him and he took it to school and everyday the students work on it and he loves it. I am sure it will be up and running in no time. Chandler is also going to be helping Chris change his breaks on his car. I was surprised Chan knew how to do it. He is very excited to help Chris. Chandler used to ask to stay home from school a lot but now with this class he doesn't want to miss. Chan also has a new Chicago Bears room. I have missed placed my camera so as soon as I find it there will be pictures posted about it.

Tevin is doing well by what he tells me. He has a job now working for his uncles that own a Granite company. He is learning a lot. He enjoys working with his hands and learning something new. He loves the money he gets every 2 weeks. He still has his beard and is determined to keep it until October. We call him our lumberjack. Chandler and Tevin recently went on a field trip to Las Vegas to see the Body Exibit. I have seen it and it is amazing. The twins thought it was a little weird but cool at the sametime. If you're not sure what it is google it. Then they went to Shark Reef. They loved that even more.

Harrison is having fun in school He is our straight A student. He is now interested in girls and there is a special one he talks to a lot. She is a sweet girl. He is giving her chocolate covered heart pretzels for Valentines Day. He is enjoying playing Young Mens basketball as well as his brothers. They haven't won a game yet but at least all the boys are learning the sport. It is funny when the other team sees Tevin walk in. They think he is not a loud to play cause he looks too old. We get a kick out of that. Harrison is my life saver when it comes to Holden. Holden has bonded with Harrison and when I am not around he usually will go to him or Chris. It now has been 3 nights in a row that Holden has slept in his own bed. YES!!! Harrison recently attended a Klondike. He had a blast and was the warmest one there. He loved sleeping in snow caves. To be honest I would take girls camp over snow caves any day. what can I say about her. She is doing extremely well in school. She was really sick a week or so ago with Strep and some weird thing in her throat and had to miss 3 days of school which was torture for her. She is miss popular at school and everyone wants to play with her. She always tells us how she likes being friends with everyone and hates leaving kids out of stuff. She also sticks up for kids who are being picked on. I am glad she is that way. I use to be like that. She is looking forward to her Valentines party tomorrow at school. I keep trying to talk her and her daddy into cutting her hair to her shoulders so it can get healthy but I get the same answer from both of them which is a NO!!!! She is enjoying Activity days, but is bummed one of her friends will now be coming to my group since I have the 10 and 11 year olds. She is loving her new decorated room as well. She feels like a princess.

Oh man here comes Holden. He is a lot better. He is not as wild and out of control as he use to be. I think pre-school has helped a lot. He had his first valentines party today. Pictures will becoming soon. He got his hair cut and was such a good boy. He was even keeping up a conversation with the lady who cut it asking why she was doing that and what was this etc... He loves having friends over and plays especially well with his friend Landon. We no longer let him have naps because he will usually stay up till midnight. Now he is usally out by 8pm which is a wonderful night for me. Primary has been hard. With the time change moving to the afternoon and then changing teachers. He usually is kicking and screaming when we have to drop him off. But the last couple of weeks he has done well. He also gave his first talk. I didn't go in because I thought he wouldn't do it so daddy helped him. When he got up to the mic and Chris joined him he turned to his daddy and touched his face and said "I love you daddy!" Everyone heard him since the mic was there. The primary presidency thought it was priceless.

That's it for now, hope everyone is well!