Friday, June 26, 2009

Update on Trey (written from my mom)

I want to keep you updated on Trey. It isn't good news right now, but Trey, Heidi and Allen are in good spirits (or as good as one can be at this point in time),still in shock to some degree, but now that they know what is happening they are getting ready for the battle. I spoke to Heidi last night and this is the report so far:

Heidi really likes his doctor. Dr. Storch is very good and she is being very upfront with them. Nurses and staff are very helpful. Heidi/Allen are able to stay there at night.

Trey has started his treatments.He is on a very agressive treatment regime. He is having nausea and is very tired. He doesn't sleep well at night because the mass in his chest makes breathing difficult. There is still some fluid surrounding the heart and this is being watched very closely.He had a spinal tap yesterday and they found cancerous cells in the spinal fluid which is not a good sign. This means it has spread and can affect the brain.

They will be testing family members for compatibility as bone marrow donors. Siblings are the best hope for a match, then they will go to parents and grandparents. It isn't the blood type that matters, but other factors. This is precautionary right now, so they will be prepared if he needs it.

This is a fast growing and agressive lymphoma/leukemia. Even though it is the type that responds to treatment quite well in children, it is more difficult to treat with success in adults. The fact Trey doesn't have a spleen is also a concern.

He will be in the hospital for at least a month. This is to monitor his reaction to the treatments. He will be having spinal taps on a regular basis, but since they put him out, he is able to handle them without too much discomfort. Trey will be under an intensive treatment regime for the next 2-3 years, depending on his response.

He is very very ill and is literally fighting for his life.

He is at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Woodland Hills
The address is: 5601 De Soto Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91367
The phone # is: 818-719-3220, room 2106

He can have phone calls and visitors, however always call first if you wish to visit. He may be too ill to have you there. If you have been sick, or around someone who has been sick DO NOT VISIT. He has no immunity now and that would be devastating for him.

He cannot have plants or flowers in his room. He can only have fruit that can be washed well and/or peeled. Fast food has to be microwaved at the hospital. Cards, banners, books, pictures are welcome.

Heidi would prefer to relay updates on Trey through emails such as this. She appreciates your calls and texts but she can't or won't answer depending on the circumstances at the time of your call. Don't be offended, she just can't worry about anyone right now but Trey and its difficult to have to repeat the same information to each person who calls or texts.

I realize most of us won't be able to visit any time soon but just so we all know. For some, this may be info you've already heard, my apologies.

Your thoughts and prayers are so important. Thank you. I know the support of ALL family members makes a difference. Heidi stated she appreciates them and feels the strength they bring. We know Heavenly Father is in charge, as Heidi put it, and we need to have faith Trey will be with us for many years.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nephew Trey

We just found out my nephew Trey who is 19 and someone I adore has T-cell Lymphoblastic lymphoma. It is in his bone marrow and it already is or turning into Leukemia. They will be placing a catheter into his heart where they will treat him with meds. They are also transferring him to woodland hills hospital where a children's doctor will be treating him. Please keep him in your prayers.

Home Safe

Well we had a great time in California. We went to the beach, malls, Griffith Museum and just hanging out. Thursday we had bad news about my nephew Trey who was admitted into the hospital he was diagnosed with Lymphoma a kind of cancer. We are worried about him and he is in our prayers. A mission is on hold until he gets well. We are all staying positive. We then went to the lake on Saturday with some friends and had a great time. A little too windy, sand was in everything. We had a blast riding the sea doos.

Holden is currently under the weather. He has had a temperature for 4 days now and has a cough and loosing his voice. I took him to the doctor and all they tell me he has swimmers ear, but personally I think there is something more and the doctors are not seeing it yet. So I have been giving him drops in his ears, but he is still not doing well. I will give it a couple more days and will take him in again if he is not getting better.

The boys left today for scout camp. I hope they have a great time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New news

Well I have been praying that I would get another child to babysit and my prayers have been answered. Yesterday I got hired to watch a 2 week old little girl starting the first part of July. She is so cute. And very tiny. Her name is Zaysha (not sure on the spelling) but Sloane and Holden have fallen in love with her just after spending 5 minutes with her. I will watch her Tuesday - Friday from 8-5.

Also, there is a lot going on with me and thanks for your prayers. To help me deal with life I sometimes have a tendency to rearrange furniture. Well my family room is now totally changed around and I moved my scrapbook stuff into the family room and I am just about done with it. All that is left is to hang some pictures. So stay tuned for some photos. Also, I will be leaving Monday to see my family in California. A much needed vacation. I just wish Chris was going with us, but I understand he needs to work.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our little Trigger

Hello everyone,

Krissy is still mourning the loss of her Grandfather and understandably hasn't felt much like blogging recently. We appreciate everyone's love, support and prayers. Krissy was particularly close to her Grandfather, having lived in close proximity for nearly 20 years. We will miss his down to earth sense of humor, his kindness, his unique brand of wisdom and his family leadership. We're grateful for the witness we have that we will see him again.

Krissy will blog more when she's up to it but I did want to relate one incident on the lighter side that is typical Holden. I'm relating this based on Krissy's description to me since I wasn't there but I'll have her proofread this blog before it's posted to make sure it's accurate.

Since Grandpa Heslop served for a brief time in the Air Force shortly after World War 2, he was granted a funeral complete with military honors where he was buried in Hooper, UT. As the military reservists were preparing for their 21 gun salute, they set down their riffles for a short time while they attended to other duties. I'm sure it's clear by now where this story is headed but somehow Holden got a hold of one of the guns (which was loaded with blanks, not bullets thank goodness!) and pulled the trigger.

Needless to say, blanks are every bit as loud as real bullets. And as soon as the shot went off, Krissy knew without question who was to blame. Holden was obviously terrified so after being comforted (and scolded) by his mother, he stayed as far away from the guns as possible (at least he gets his smarts from his mother!). Apparently everyone got a kick out of this 1 gun salute and someone (I'm not sure who) gave Holden a new nickname, Trigger.

Even though Grandpa only got a 20 gun salute instead of the standard 21, we have a feeling that he probably got a laugh from Holden's antics as much as anyone else.

Hope all is well,