Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July Pictures

I know a shocker I have a new post. We had a wonderful 4th out in Hurricane at my cousin Rachel's home. Had all the family that lived in St. George there. It was a lot of fun.
Man I love this guy.
Holden wanted to get Jedi off the leash. I told him no.
Adam and Dakken (sorry if I spelled his name wrong) put up the slip and slide and the kids had a blast. I was tempted to give it a try but was positive that I would hurt my
Sloane sliding in to try and get me wet.
Holden trying to get the hang of it.
Sloane and Dakken
Holden and I having fun jumping on the trampoline. I really would like to get one.
Girl cousins having fun. Ashlynn, Sloane, Harley and Sadie
Grandma Heslop looked so cute. She was so festive.
The group waiting patiently for the fireworks to start. (Sadie, Aunt Jill, Gma Heslop, Caleb, Dana, Alison, Chance, Kellan)
Adam setting off fireworks we had brought.
Holden enjoying a Popsicle.
Kellan is so dang cute. I love his blue eyes. We all took turns eating him up. (Rachel you have a cute little boy)
Chance wishing Chandler, Tevin and Harrison were able to be there but they were up in Idaho
Alison and I goofing off. We took one of each other.
Sloane, Holden and I.
Sparkler time!
Sloane doing a double duty.

Hope you have enjoyed my pics. I had tons more but I had to narrow it down. We are all doing well. Chris is still busy as ever and is out of town a lot. I am still doing the same old thing.

We have enjoyed our summer so far. In June we celebrated the Chandler and Tevins 16th birthday. I can't believe they will be Juniors in high school. Time is going by fast. Harrison is now 14 and is enjoying going to stake dances. They are all growing like weeds. There was a lot of music being played at home. Between Chandler playing the drums, Tevin the electric guitar and Harrison with his bass and then friends coming over to jam with them, I was thankful that my basement had a door on it. But I am proud of them, and love to hear them play and learn new things. Their grandpa Duns bought them a mic and now singing is involved. They left July 1st to spend the month with their dad so it will be pretty quiet this month and I will miss them deeply.

Sloane and Holden are pretty much having fun with friends and trying to stay cool by going to pools, lakes and rivers. Each night since it is just the 3 of us I try to find different things for us to do. It has been good for us to bond more.

Hope everyone else is having a good summer. I was burned out on blogging, but I think I am ready to do it again.