Thursday, July 30, 2009

Passing Days

I can't believe school is going to be starting in a little over two weeks. The summer went by fast. This week has been hard for the boys cause they are being youth missionaries and are unable to watch TV, listen to music, text, etc you get the idea. So I have to be creative with them. We spent all last evening playing games. Tonight they go to members houses and have dinner and teach a discussion. They were all assigned companions and they do this stuff together. They leave tomorrow to go to the open house of the temple up north. They are excited. I hope it is a real spiritual experience for them. Especially for Tevin since he is going through a lot right now, moved in with his dad and has nothing to do with me. I have missed him so deeply and hope his heart changes soon, but after having some guidance from a wonderful person I will listen to his advice. I also received a wonderful blessing from my bishop that I needed desperately. Thanks for all your prayers that you have sent my way. I appreciate them. I appreciate my husband for how moody I have been.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The next Bill Gates

Hi everyone, Sloanie has a very creative mind and is always coming up with ideas that will help her one day become the richest woman in the world. Here's a sampling;

· A balloon that won’t pop
· A Limo that has a bathroom in it and a swimming pool and if you want a drink, just press a button and have one handed to you
· A watch that has an alarm go off when your favorite baseball game is on and a small tv pops out so you can watch it
· A machine that can make a snowman that won’t melt even in St. George
· A machine that can make the sun go away if it gets too hot
· An ice cream cone that won’t melt and never runs out of ice cream

Sloanie would love to hear your comments. Hope all is well with everyone.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Well, last week was my first week of watching the new baby. She was so good and is SO tiny. Holden adores her and Sloane is a wonderful helper. The only one that got jealous of her was the 14 month old I watch Myka. When I hold Zaycia, Myka has to be held too. With watch Zaycia, her mother has been asked who is watching her cause I guess a lot of people she works with are looking for babysitters. I am capable of having 4 full time but more then that I would have to be licensed and I don't want to do that. So maybe next week not for sure yet I will get a 10 month old that I will watch just 2 days a week. I am glad they keep me busy, cause it helps my mind stay off other things that have been troubling in my life lately. And it helps me not miss Chris so much when he is gone out of town.

The boys are doing well. I get to see them tomorrow and can't wait. I haven't seen them for over 2 weeks. I hope they are just as excited to see I had a wonderful weekend with my brother Adam and his family. The kids played until they couldn't play no more. Adam wants to come and visit ever 2 months and so far he has done it. Can't wait to see him again in September.

Other then that we are hot and sweaty down here is southern Utah with it going to be 110 by Friday. I am not going anywhere that day. Starting to get ready for school. This summer is going by quickly.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trey is Home!!

Well Trey is now home. My mom and sister have a website you can go to and read about Trey and even make comments to him. You will have to register with it to make a comment on the guest page. I have enjoyed reading their daily updates. This way all of you who would like to keep up on Trey can do it through this now.