Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Sloane

She has wanted a red sock monkey forever. This is what Holden got her.

Chandler, Tevin and Harrison bought her a scooter for her Liv World Doll.
Sorry Harrison got his head cut off.
Thanking her brothers for her gift.
A bag of goodies Daddy and I got her.
Cousin Chance, Chandler, Tevin and Gma Gayle
Cousins Bradie, Sadie, Harley and Great Gma Heslop
Aunt Ali was really sick, but came anyway. What a trooper.

Really pretty headband with a flower from Gma Gayle. She is really into headbands right now.

Can you guess who this is from......yep!! Aunt Ali. She will always keep Sloane stocked on the pretties that every girl needs.

Gift from Daddy and I. We all went downstairs and I covered her eyes and stood her by the keyboard and then told her to open her eyes. She was so excited. She will start piano lessons in January.
Her smile says it all. I am glad she loves it.

Cake time. The candles were melting the frosting. We love you so much Sloane and I am happy Daddy and I could make your day a great one.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The only Halloween Pics I was able to take

Sloane was a dear and got back in her Santa costume so I could take her picture.

I have to start by saying I totally forgot to take pictures this year. So I got what I could after the fact. Holden with all his candy. He was Spiderman.

Sloane and her goodies. Dad trying to look for Almond Joys.