Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Out of town

Well I decided I would go down with Chris to Vegas this week. We are leaving early in the morning and will be back late Thursday night. This is our last week of fun cause next week I start a babysitting job and wont be able to go down with Chris again until next summer. Sloane is excited to go. She loves just hanging out at the pool and going to the Disney Discount store. I loved every ones comments. I need to do better at checking and posting on your blogs, but be patient I am taking baby steps.

Chandler and Tevin have started their football training this week for the season. Tuesday and Thursdays 6am practice. Tevin called me today to tell me how sore and tired he was. But can't wait until their first game. Holden loves getting into Chris' car and pretend he is driving. A couple of weeks ago he locked himself in it and was so hot. So Chris has been locking his car. Well yesterday morning he forgot and Holden got in and turned on the lights and drained his battery. So I had to take Chris to the office and then later in the evening we finally got his car jumped. Holden also has a new movie favorite. It is called "An American Hero" it came out a few years ago, but it is about a boy that has a talking bat and ball and it is in the time of babe Ruth. Well so far today I have watched this movie 5 times. Holden calls it his baseball game movie. Needless to say Chris is very proud.

Anyway, that's all for now and I will let you know how our couple of days were in Vegas.

PS. Loved Natalia's forehead. Sloane thought it was cool. Holden said gross.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Wow 3 and a half months since I last posted on this thing. I am so out of it. Well as you all know we have had a busy summer. The boys are with their dad right now until school starts and needless to say they are not having fun. I get calls often because they are down and I am there for them to cheer them back up. I was able to have them on pioneer day and we went to the breakfast I was in charge of at our church, then went school shopping, lunch and then to a movie. The boys, sloane and I had a blast. Too bad Chris had to miss all the fun. He was still in Vegas. Tevin and I cried when I had to take them back that night. Needless to say Tevin has changed his mind on living with his dad for now. Tevin also has a girlfriend. They talk all the time. She is in our ward and she is afraid of Chris and I. I think it is funny. I told him he was too young because they couldn't do anything except to talk on the phone. They knew that and don't care if all they do is talk on the phone.

Holden is under the weather. When I went to pick him up from nursery yesterday his eyes were watery and was having a runny nose and he is worse today and is running a fever. Most of you are aware of Chris' new calling. I can't go into detail until next Sunday though. I am still loving my calling as head honcho over the ward activities. My next one is our pool party next month. Need to loose a few more pounds before the ward can see this body in a swimsuit. UGGG

I think that is all that is new. Don't pass out from shock of seeing a post. Hope you all have a good day.