Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Silver Cloud

I hate the saying "When it rains it pours" but that is what has been going on at our house. Tuesday I took Sloane to the doctor about a growth on her foot. We were referred to a cancer doctor and was told she was going to have to have surgery and have the lump removed and then have a biopsy on it. Well today was the day we were told the surgery was to happen. So we prepared ourselves for the worst. When the doctor came in he looked at Sloane's foot and said we didn't need to do surgery and told me she has a skin condition. But to make sure he called in the other 2 doctors as well. All 3 agreed no surgery needed to be done and what she has is a condition called Granuloma Annulare. There are 2 different procedures that can be done. The first one is the one we chose to do and that is she has to put 3 different creams on her foot 4 times a day. Let me tell ya the creams were expensive, but worth it to have our daughter OK. The second procedure is a series of shots 12 total that they would do to kill it. We go back to the doctor in 2 weeks to see if the cream works. They took a picture and measured it so they will know for sure if it has gotten smaller or bigger. We were given a brochure on GA and it is caused by a reaction from her immune system. It is also a relationship to diabetes. We will have some blood work done in 2 weeks when we go back to rule out diabetes. She will be prone to these kinds of lumps, bumps, rashes whatever you want to call them the rest of her life. But when one shows up we just need to get the creams again. So that is our update on Sloane

Yesterday we took Tevin to the doctor and he was given an inhaler for Asthma. He has been having a lot of chest pains and has to stop often to catch his breath. So this afternoon I will take him in to get an x-ray done of his lungs. He has to take 2 puffs every 4 hours on his inhaler until his breathing and the tightness goes away then only will have to use it when he needs it.

Yesterday we also had some plumbing problems and called a handyman that we have hired in the past. Our water and plumbing is totally out of commission downstairs. No bathroom use or laundry can get done. He is suppose to come back today at 4 to finish fixing the problem we have with the water pump.

Then today my grandfather who lives here has been admitted into the hospital. He is in intensive care unit. He has been sick for a few days and then had a very high fever and had to rush him to the hospital. The update I have right now is that he has an infection of some kind that has taken over his entire body. My grandma said they are not sure yet where the cause of it all is coming from. So I am very worried about him.

On the brighter side of things. I weighed in last night and after a month of being at the same weight I finally lost 6.1 pounds in a week. WOOHOO.

Tonight is my last Stampin Up party I will do. I am quiting being a demonstrator. It will be hard to say goodbye to my clients. But I am burned out and I need to lighten my load and turn my focus more towards my family.

Anyway, that is our update. Thank you all for your prayers when we told you about Sloane. We are so relieved it was not worse. I actually had to stop and cry because I was so stressed out.
Thanks again. I am ready for the wind to blow this silver cloud away from my house.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Group

The ones who started it all. Eldon and Marilyn Heslop 60 years of marriage. What an example they have been to us all. We love you.

Ok here is the family group that gathered together for my cousin Caitlins Wedding and my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. We are getting pretty big. We haven't been together like this in 10 years.

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

Well I am happy it is now spring, but I am hating the fact that my backyard is being taken over with weeds and now I am sneezing my head off with Allergies. I have lived her almost 19 years now, last year and this year have been the only time I have ever had allergies. I hate them. I remember being so miserable last year and I hope it is not the same this year. I am happy that it will be 82 degrees today. I might take Sloane and Holden to the river.

This week has been spring break. On Monday the kids and I went to see Race to Witch Mountain and then were interviewed by our local news and was on the 9pm news that night. Woohoo 15 seconds of fame. The boys were with me till Wednesday and then they went with their dad. So Chris and the boys have been gone since Wednesday. Sloane, Holden and I have been a little bit lonely. Yesterday I spent the day with a friend scrap booking and then took a friend out to lunch and then went to jumping jacks. I am missing my hubby. I am glad he is coming home tonight. This has been a boring spring break. We usually are down in Arizona seeing the cubs but we didn't go this year cause we had a wedding and anniversary party for my grandparents last weekend. Which I have to say was a blast having the entire family together. We laughed and ate a lot and I got really sick for about 24 hours. I had a reaction to some meds I took. But all in all it was so much fun and I hated to see everyone leave.

As you can see I am just rambling.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Calling

Well I am no longer the Ward Activities leader. I was only in it for a year and I wanted to do it for 2 cause I had that many ideas, such as Tale gate party, Easter Egg hunt and a brunch, peeps show etc...That is if the Bishop would of approved it. Oh well maybe I can pass my ideas on the the next leaders.

But my new calling is Achievement Day leader for the 10 & 11 year old. We meet twice a week and I am looking forward to it. We met as a group with the 8 & 9 year old on Tuesday and played get to know you games. There were about 18 girls there I think. It was pretty overwhelming. I can see why they wanted to split the group. Our next meeting will be at my house. I have a great partner to do it with. Her name is Ellen and she is a blast. I am excited to work with her.

Harrison got his stitch out of his toe and the infection seems to be gone. It looks really good. He only had to take 2 pain pills this last week. If it were me I probably would have taken more. I am a wimp.

We are looking forward to my cousin Caleb coming home from his mission tomorrow. We are going to St. George airport tomorrow to greet him. All the kids can't wait to see him. I think it will be really good for the twins especially since they are 4 years away from going on one themselves.

Ta ta for now.